General Conditions of Sale

  1. ORIGINS: Purebred breeders

  2. All the males come from registered and green card stables and are themselves confirmed.
    The sale catalog is available for all information on bulls whose paternal ancestry has been verified by DNA, as well as the typing carried out concerning the culard gene.


    The animals are of course free from legally contagious diseases (brucellosis, tuberculosis, leucosis) and sold with green card (ASDA).
    The animals presented were subjected to a negative serology control IBR, PARATUBERCULOSIS, NEOSPOROSE, BESNOITIOSE two-well and PCR-BVD (or provide the individual non-IPI certificate). FCO 4 and 8: Vaccination and booster update.
    All animals come from herds under the ACERSA designation for the IBR.
    The legislation in force provides for the obligation on whoever returns the animal to his herd to carry out purchase prophylaxis.
    The Gie does not provide any guarantee of a herd controlled for paratuberculosis.
    Any additional health guarantee is the responsibility of the buyer who remains liable to pay the bull regardless of the outcome of the additional clauses requested.


    This is a bid form sale to the highest bidder.
    The animal will be awarded to the highest bidder.
    The buyer is required to clearly express himself, to indicate his intention to participate. No protest will be accepted after the three blows triggering the opening of the envelopes.
    In the event of identical price proposals, the ex aequo buyers will be asked to re-make a proposal.
    The successful bidder will be the person who raised the highest bid, provided it is equal to or greater than the reserve price set by the breeder.
    For online offers on offers must be made in an order of priority that you choose, respecting the chronological order of the breeders in the catalog.
    If the first offer is accepted it will cancel the following ones. If it is not won, the second will be counted, etc …
    If you wish to acquire several bulls, you will need to complete several documents.


    BIDS ARE IN EUROS with a starting price indicated by the GIE.
    Upon adjudication, the purchase voucher will be completed by the buyer at the secretariat. No additional commission will be applied to the buyer on the purchase price excluding tax.
    On each purchase slip by on each submission form, will be indicated:
    Postal address < br> Stock number
    Phone number
    Email address
    Price excluding VAT bet on the bull
    Order number and / or name of the animal
    Position opposite VAT
    Date and signature

The act of wagering automatically entails the unconditional acceptance of these conditions of sale which are deemed to be known to the buyer.


    Animals will be removed once the sale is over, in good agreement between the seller and the buyer.
    It is up to the latter to immediately insure the animal at its purchase price.
    Any incident that may occur to the animal after the auction is the full responsibility of the buyer.
    As soon as it is mounted on the truck deck, the animal is under the full responsibility of the transporter.


    They will be regulated by the members of the Bureau of the Board of Directors of the GIE.
    IN ALL CASES, the character of the bull, the fact that the animal does not cover (except physical inaptitude for the action of protruding) and the visible defects and defects (defect of plumb, bad hocks, malformation, warts…) are not clauses of recovery.
    In the event of a request for recovery made by the buyer to the seller (non-fertile bull, incapacity breeding, etc.), the buyer must, at his own expense, provide proof of the merits of his claim BEFORE November 30, 2020.
    The EIG does not guarantee the conformity of the offspring or the problems of birth difficulty of the products that may arise.
    Nor does it guarantee additional sanitary conditions to those presented.


    The successful purchaser is required to acquire all the animals that will be publicly awarded, even in the event of changes in the sanitary conditions of removal.
    The purchaser is in fact deemed to be aware of the context, the conditions of trade and transport of cattle and the regulations in force concerning the removal and circulation of breeding animals in France and in Europe.
    As soon as the adjudication is pronounced, the purchaser becomes the virtual owner of the animal, which is, as soon as it is loaded into the livestock trailer, under its full responsibility té, full payment conditioning the full and entire effective ownership of the bull.
    In the case of a sale of a breeder abroad, the buyer will be asked for an additional cost of 300 € in order to compensate the vendor additional quarantine and sanitation fees required.